Okay, Sure, I'll Watch Nicole Kidman Eat Bugs

Who uses chopsticks for this? Nicole Kidman. Image: Vanity Fair
Who uses chopsticks for this? Nicole Kidman. Image: Vanity Fair

“Crickets!” says Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman. Coos of pleasure escape her mouth as she pops one down the hatch with a wink. “Awesome. Like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Like...a hairy...nut.”


My only real quibble with this video of Nicole Kidman eating a variety of bugs with a pair of takeout chopsticks is that eating bugs isn’t a “talent,” per se. A talent is writing your name with a pen clutched between your toes or executing Molly Ringwald’s lipstick trick from The Breakfast Club with ease. Nicole Kidman, charming Australian superstar, is just eating some bugs. And somehow, that, too, is charming.

Perhaps Nicole Kidman’s charm was stifled by Tom Cruise and blossomed only after she shook off the psychic trauma of being married to that man, hitching her wagon to another curiously-coiffed fellow, Keith Urban, and settling into a regular marriage and life. Whatever it is—whatever happened—it’s working for me, girl!


Thank you, Nicole Kidman!

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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In parts of the world where eating bugs isn’t a normal thing, I can understand how doing so without being grossed out is seen as a talent. I’ll allow it.

Bugs are cheap and full of protein. They may be our future so we should be used to it.