'Oh Sorry, Does My Dress Make You Feel Like a Rapist Today?'

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Hundreds of survivors and supporters hit the streets of HK on Sunday as part of the International SlutWalk, the ongoing worldwide movement sparked by a Toronto police officer's statement that if women wanted to avoid rape, they should not dress like "sluts".


Only ninety-one cases of rape were reported in Hong Kong last year, but obviously many more went unreported. RainLily, a rape crisis centre, says a woman is raped in Hong Kong every eight hours. Heartbreaking.

It's for reasons like these that the SlutWalk has gone International, and it's thriving in Hong Kong.

Some wore full-body fluorescent suits and held signs saying, "Oh sorry, does my dress make you feel like a rapist today?"

"We dressed up in 'protective suits' to highlight the absurdity of blaming the victims of sexual assault," said Elene Lam Yee-ling, advocacy officer for RainLily.

Police estimated 200 participants joined the march, including the future Mr. Beck, Leung Kwok-hung. This seemingly perfect gentleman is a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and a total bad-ass activist who's known for his Che Guevara t-shirts, strong support of women and the poor and working class, and his long hair — which has earned him the nickname "Long Hair."

So, uh, basically — marry me, HK SlutWalk?

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hockygrrl4 Agent of Chaos

Last night, I read an article about domestic violence, rape and the huge number of slut shaming pages that seem to fly under the radar on Facebook here lately. Sure, you can't post a picture of a woman breastfeeding her chubby cheeked cherub but you can obviously post pictures of girls and women of all ages with vile comments and ratings on them. That is okay, right? The comments after this article made me want to feed my eyeballs to the dog, I kid you not. There were commenters who wanted to debate the statistics because "I know a lot of women and none of them have ever been raped or beaten at all" among other unsupportive little statements. There were those who were right back at the why aren't we discussing why these women are taking this photos in the first place. In the article, one of the sites was explained as one filled with stolen photos - you never know when someone is snapping a photo of you and then posting it online. You cannot explain how these photos happen to these people because they just want to blame the victim no matter what. How do you get through to those idiots because it is obvious that they will never ever get it!