Oh My God Y'all, Here's A Nashville Season 5 Promo

Like a beautiful phoenix with a penchant for melodrama, Nashville rises from the ashes to find a new home on CMT; here is a promo (via Deadline) for its fifth season. Can someone explain to me what the hell’s going on here?


I see Rayna. I see Deacon. I see that Juliette is holding a baby whose name I just recently learned is “Cadence.” Is that...Avery’s baby? There’s Sam, bless him. There’s Luke, the cowboy who I hope is out of the closet now. There’s triumph and heartbreak and drama and an awful lot of gold cream eyeshadow. Everyone looks great! This show is coming back for some reason; I guess everyone liked it enough? Or maybe it belonged on CMT all along, a channel that I only watched for the underrated and spectacularly hilarious Dallas Cheerleaders: Making The Team.

Nashville had its moments but as someone who stopped watching this program shortly after Scarlett’s breakdown on stage sometime in 2014, I have just one question: what happened to Scarlett’s hair?

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Replacing that Rapunzel-esque tangle of blonde weave was a great move, but if this is what they left in its place, then I don’t know anything anymore. Nashville makes its triumphant return to television January 5 and maybe, just maybe, I’ll start watching it again.

Senior Writer, Jezebel