Oh My God, Wendy Williams Was So Freaking Rude to The Bachelorette's Rachel and Bryan!

The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay and her chosen groom Bryan Abasolo were on The Wendy Williams Show on Wednesday where the host—known for her candidness—did not attempt to make them feel at home. And it was amazing?


Rachel, who’s always exhibited an enormous amount of poise and charisma in front of the camera, presented herself with her usual ease, but Wendy—anything but usual—was not having it, basically asking what Rachel’s parents did to deserve the cruel treatment of watching their daughter try to find love on reality TV.

“In the name of your father as a judge and your mother as a decent woman, and your parents raised you well and put you through college and law school, only for you to find love on a reality show?,” Wendy exclaimed incredulously, moving on to prove her statement that yes, she’s never really watched The Bachelorette before, a decision I deeply respect.

After Rachel—the first black Bachelorette—explained that she went on TV to represent black women in a positive way while having the chance to find love, Wendy scoffed, “No, you had the chance to be on TV and in every magazine is what I’m thinking.”


Wendy went on to mention the final two contestants, the winner Bryan and the far superior Peter. When Bryan came out on stage, she repeatedly confused his profession, chiropractor, with a cardiologist, a real medical doctor, which Bryan is not.

“A chiropractor,” Wendy said once corrected. “Much different, if you know what I’m saying.”

She then rubbed her fingers together, implying that cardiologists make much better money.


“Every girl loves her back cracked,” Wendy added. “Right, Rach?”

Hm, I’m feeling torn as someone who loves Rachel, but also wishes that every Bachelor/Bachelorette interview went in this direction.


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