Oh Jesus, We're Getting a Donald Trump-Themed Law and Order: SVU

Images via AP / Getty
Images via AP / Getty

If we are so lucky, this horror show of an election cycle in which a reality TV star tried to become president will be a distant memory, memorialized only by the upcoming Law and Order: SVU episode featuring a character and storyline inspired by demonic, racist goldfish Donald Trump’s penchant for grabbing women by the pussy.


The Hollywood Reporter writes that the Trump-ish character will be played by Veep’s Gary Cole, a “politician whose campaign goes haywire when several women go public with damaging accusations.” Honestly, I’m surprised it took them this long! We’ve had over a year for SVU’s writer’s room to poop out a Trump-themed episode and the dumb jerk has provided a wide range of potential storylines. Maybe they were waiting for him to really fuck up? Maybe they needed him to dispense of that rubbery, waxen mask he calls his face so that he could assume his true form — a sexist, spittle-flecked racist with a distressingly husky speaking voice, hell-bent on running democracy into the ground.

In September, show runner Rick Eid alluded to this storyline, telling THR “It is possible we may try to explore a story involving some sort of brash demagogue with political ambitions.” Indeed, it seems they killed two birds with one stone. Whether it’s intentional or otherwise, I’m getting shades of Roger Ailes from that description. Fun.

The Trump-inpsired episode will premiere on October 26th, just in time for undecided voters to tune in and make up their fucking minds already.


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I just wanted to post this picture of my dad after he let me brush his hair to look like Donald Trump. Don’t worry he hates Trump but I wouldn’t cut his hair for him unless he let me do this first.