Oh, Come On: Nor'easter Blows Into Beleaguered NYC Area

A nor'easter sashayed into New York and New Jersey on Wednesday, dumping rain and wet snow on the already weathered and beaten states. Normally this wouldn't be such a big deal, but in the aftermath of Sandy, it means more power outages, difficult travel, and a general consensus from everyone and their mother that enough is enough.


The New York Times reports:

In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie warned that the northeaster could leave many people in the dark again, only a few days after their power had been restored. "I can see us actually moving backwards," he said in a news conference on Long Beach Island, which suffered some of the heaviest damage in the storm last week. The barrier island had reopened to residents, but as the northeaster closed in, the governor said he was cutting off access again.

The storm, which covered cars and trees in the region in a coat of white, brought down power lines faster than repair crews could keep up, and fierce winds and blowing snow threatened to drive the crews off the job. By about 5 p.m., the northeaster had knocked out electricity to roughly 13,000 Consolidated Edison customers. All told, about 77,000 Con Edison customers had no power on Wednesday evening, up from about 64,000 earlier in the day, according to the company's Web site.

Gov. Christie, a man who has aged 50 lifetimes in two weeks, added, "I am waiting for the locusts and pestilence next."

But, hark! It looks hopeful that things will probably calm down soon. According to the Seattle Times, "Meteorologist Frank Nocera says all is not lost: temperatures over the next couple of days will be in the 50s in southern New England, and on Sunday it could edge into the 60s." So, that's hopeful?

To check to see how specific areas are affected, check out NBC New York's interactive map.

Can anyone in the area (uh, with electricity) tell us what it looks like out there? Hope everyone is staying safe.



Somewhere in the Twitterverse, some wingnut Republican is claiming that this is punishment from God for re-electing Obama, I can just feel it.