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I met a baby today and am delighted by babies generally, which means I have babies ON. THE. BRAIN. this evening (hello to any and all future boyfriends!!!) So it is with the greatest pleasure that I present to you the **VERY OFFICIAL** photos from Prince Louis’s christening, which were released by Kensington Palace this weekend.

You’ve already seen the photos of the Baby Prince napping on the way to his own ceremony, provided you were paying attention to our important coverage of the tiniest royal’s induction into the Church of England. In the **VERY OFFICIAL** photos, Louis appears to be awake, for even as a baby, he knows royal protocol in **VERY OFFICIAL** situations. Here’s the whole gang:


And here is Louis with his parents and siblings:

Hello to love!!!!


And here are Louis & fam joined by Grandpa, step-Grandma, Uncle Harry, and new Aunt Meghan:


That last photo has reportedly caused a small scandal amid royal experts, who noticed Harry and Meghan are linking arms. Apparently, it is uncommon for royals to touch each other, though as People explains, “There is no protocol that says they can not show affection on official engagements, and this gesture makes them relatable and lovable to the public.” Indeed, according to People, arm-linking is Harry and Meghan’s “signature move,” just as my signature move is eating pizza alone in my apartment and looking at pictures of other people’s babies.