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A christening is the most reliable of events for the royals—the whole extended family gets to make a polished, wholesome, and highly controlled appearance in front of photographers. It’s pure PR upside for The Firm. And Prince Louis is already all, ugh, who cares? Zzzz—bored!

The tiny Windsor was sound asleep as the family arrived today for his own damn church service, the Sun reported, adding that,

As Kate chatted to the him while holding Louis, she could be heard describing her sleeping son as “very relaxed and peaceful”.

The duchess added, with a smile: “I hope he stays like this.”

Very excited to watch Louis grow into a placid pony of an adult, who never arrives anywhere on time and spends most of his time thinking about breeding horses and tweaks to the outbuildings on his country estate. No better place to be in the succession than third and safely out of duty’s way.


Oh, and Meghan wore a hat.

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