Of Course the Soho Grifter Anna Delvey Hired a Courtroom Stylist

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Anna Delvey, neé Anna Sorokin, swindled her way to New York socialite status by posing as a German heiress for the better part of four years. In October 2017, her gratuitous spending on lavish vacations and extended stays in luxury hotels despite not actually having a fortune led to charges of grand larceny and theft of services totaling $275,000. Since then, the “Soho Grifter,” as she has been dubbed, is being held without bond at Rikers Island. However, on Wednesday, Delvey appeared in court to begin her trial in a rather fashionable, expensive ensemble: a black choker, a black dress (which is either a Miu Miu gown, if you believe the New York Post, or a Michael Kors shift dress, if you’re more inclined to follow the Instagram account AnnaDelveyCourtLooks), her classic thick black Céline frames and black flats to keep up appearances. Some very pertinent questions: How did she get such chic clothing while in jail? Who is paying for it? And just how far does this scam go?


According to GQ, Sorokin’s criminal attorney Todd Spodek hired celebrity stylist Anastasia Walker (known for her work with Courtney Love and G-Eazy) because she needed to “dress appropriately.” Spodek told the publication:

“It is imperative that Anna dress appropriately for the trial. Anna’s style was a driving force in her business, and life, and it is a part of who she is. I want the jury to see that side of her and enlisted a stylist to assist in slecting [sic] the appropriate outfits for trial. However the logistics of dropping off trial outfits at Rikers Island doest [sic] not work in our favor. Thanks.”

There’s dressing “appropriately” for the courtroom and there’s playing the part of rich girl. You be the judge:

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I just don’t understand the “obscenely huge glasses” look that has taken over, lately -- it’s gone positively redonkulous.