Of Course Katrina Pierson Wants a Role in Donald Trump's Administration

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Katrina Pierson, one of Donald Trump’s most tenacious and vocal surrogate, spent an awful lot of time on cable news, often saying a whole lot of nonsense in service of one goal: to get Donald Trump to the White House. And now that the orange lunatic got his way and this world is headed for its end, Pierson wants in on that, baby.


CNN reports that Pierson is angling hard for a role in Trump’s administration. According to their sources, Pierson stopped by Trump Tower on Tuesday for a meeting with various members of the team responsible for shepherding the dangerous baby towards the White House. Pierson claims she was there because she’s a member of the transition team. But the sources reportedly told CNN that Pierson is actually trying to secure a job in the White House.

According to one source, Pierson was making a play for the role of White House press secretary — a terrifying thought when you consider how much time she spent trumpeting falsehoods on television. The same source told CNN that a lot of early Trump supporters during the campaign are upset that they haven’t been offered roles in the administration, but Pierson reportedly feels that she “deserves more consideration.”

Please consider some of the lies that Pierson spouted as irrefutable fact, like this one about how Hillary Clinton was suffering from aphasia or how she claimed the war in Afghanistan was “Obama’s war” when that war started in 2001, seven years before President Obama became president.

These are lies. These are “facts” as interpreted by someone who seems to think that facts are malleable and open to interpretation. If she really is going for press secretary and is actually picked, we’re in deep shit.

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

I am so, so sick of people thinking their opinions somehow invalidate objective, empirical facts. When did we get to this place where lies so quickly bury actual reality, and how the hell do we make it stop?