Odell Beckham Jr.'s Got a Very Nice Lamp

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Here’s a nice picture of Odell Beckham Jr., one of the many beautiful, famous people featured in Calvin Klein’s underpants campaign. You know him, yeah? Football player for the Cleveland Browns, formerly of the New York Giants, and unfortunate target of Schmena Lunham’s laser focus at the Met Gala a few years ago. Anyway, just a chance to share a very nice picture of a VERY nice lamp.

This campaign, which was shot by Daniel Jackson, features a cohort of aesthetically pleasing individuals frolicking in buttery light. Ah, to be famous and oiled-up and in peak physical form. Naomi Campbell’s there, so is Diplo (why?), Beth Ditto, Bella Hadid, and Jacob Elordi (hot but mean). They’re having a good time. They’re living life in their Calvins. I’m happy for them.

I’m also happy for the lamp. Look at that lamp. “The shade at the top looks like it should be the other way,” said Jezebel’s Clover Hope. Fair, but I’ll allow it anyway. It’s a lamp that’s maybe a cast-off from the set of The Golden Girls or something from The Wing. Looks a little like a seashell—evocative of the ocean, as is his body, which, if you squint, is covered in oil and is also distracting from that Lamp.


The lamp is the clear focus of this image—not the hand covering Odell’s night-light, not the unfortunate wall-to-wall carpeting. Just the lamp. What a good lamp. To be... the lamp.


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But let us also talk about Naomi:

This woman is nearly...