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Look how much fun this woman is having. I mean that sincerely. Just look.

Here is Octavia Spencer scooping up her award for 2017 Woman of the Year from the Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals club. From all accounts, it looked like she had a really good time.

Not entirely sure what’s happening here, but my best guess is that she’s preparing to run straight through that picture of her face, like a triumphant high school football team bursting through a banner the state championships.

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Part of the awards ceremonies included what I assume was a gentle roast at her expense. People reports that she sang a duet with someone to James Brown’s “I Feel Good,” something that I would like to see on YouTube one day. Best of all, she got to “channel her character” from 2011's The Help — the movie that got her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress—and feed what is being described delicately as a “mock poop pie” to one of the characters on stage.

Guess who she picked.

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Hmm. That person looks mighty familiar. 

When asked why she picked the person dressed like a bizarre interpretation of both the Confederate flag and an American Girl doll, she said:

“We have a new president, and I’m waiting for him to demonstrate that he will be president of all of us of these United States, so in that moment of levity, I enjoyed giving her the pie. She’s a woman and she needs to understand why women are speaking out in fear of some of the rights we’ve already litigated being revisited.”

Good answer.