Ocean’s Eleven Is Getting Remade With an All-Female Cast

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Looks like what George Clooney said about male movie roles easily being switched to female is putting some things into action. An all-female remake of his 2001 hit, Ocean’s Eleven, has been confirmed with Clooney’s pal, Sandra Bullock, as the lead.


According to The Playlist, Hunger Games director Gary Ross will step into the shoes of Steven Soderbergh, who directed all three Ocean’s films. There’s no word yet on casting choices for the other members of the heist team, but Vulture has some interesting ideas. With Ross behind the reigns, Jennifer Lawrence in a role could very well be a possibility.

As tired as our eyeballs are from rolling at the constant remakes, an action ensemble film like this sounds pretty cool, especially since we haven’t heard anything lately about The Expendabelles. Let’s just hope this one fares better than Clooney and Bullock’s most recent collaboration, Our Brand is Crisis, which opened this weekend to poor ticket sales.


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Am I the only one that feels re: this and Ghostbusters, that I would vastly prefer a brand new movie that casts women? Rather than the weird, gimmicky, "lets make the same movie only this time we will take lady money!"