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Sandra Bullock's Latest, Our Brand Is Crisis, Has Worst Opening of Her Career

Illustration for article titled Sandra Bullocks Latest, iOur Brand Is Crisis/i, Has Worst Opening of Her Career

Sandra Bullock’s latest movie, Our Brand Is Crisis, had the worst opening of her career. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the political “dramedy” opened yesterday with only $1.1 million in sales and an estimated projection of $3.3 million for the weekend. Critics have not been kind to the film which was a “passion project” for Bullock.

The film, produced by the same team that brought us Argo, stars Bullock as an American political operative in Bolivia. Bullock’s character is tasked with “saving” the 2002 Bolivian presidential election by providing oh-so-important messaging and strategy. All of this despite the fact that Bullock’s character knows nothing about Bolivia and doesn’t speak Spanish. Our own Julianne Escobedo Shepherd called Bullock’s role, “another white savior type.” The film is a fictionalized version of real events (again, Julianne has a nice rundown) and also stars Billy Bob Thornton as a fictional James Carville.


The film is performing worse than Bullock’s Two if by Sea, the 1996 romantic crime comedy that co-starred Dennis Leary. The truly terrible Two if by Sea—generally considered Bullock’s biggest bomb—has one star on Rotten Tomatoes.

According to THR: “It certainly doesn’t help that Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, but no one expected the weekend’s new offerings to do this poorly.”


Image via AP.

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Tejón Face

Rational person: this movie failed because it was a shitty white savior narrative.

Hollywood: well no more chick leads in movies. it’s just economics.