Obviously Justin Bieber Is Doing a Crocs Collab?

Obviously Justin Bieber Is Doing a Crocs Collab?
Submit to Crocs much like Hailey Bieber is submitting to her husband’s (and Jesus’s) tender touch Illustration:Frazier Harrison (Getty Images)

Nothing about this information is surprising or especially revelatory, so let’s get it out of the way first: Justin Bieber has likely announced, in the vaguest way possible, that soon he will be dropping a collaboration with Crocs. He did so via the following Instagram post:

I’d argue that this could also be the aftermath of a terrible crime in which a person fell into Bieber’s pool, nude but for a pair of Crocs, and then disapparated, leaving nothing but the foam babies in their place. In any case, this is real life and not some B-tier fantasy novel, so this is what’s happening.: a Crocs-llab. A Crocs x Justin Bieber collab will likely sell out immediately, much like the Bad Bunny Crocs did earlier this week, but unlike the Bad Bunny crocs, this Instagram—which is not a confirmation of any sort—caused Crocs stock to go up by 7 percent. Such is the power of Justin Bieber, yes, but also, the power of Crocs.

As a society, we are past the point of Crocs-ery (get it, it’s a joke) when it comes to these goddamn shoes, which are comfortable, come in a variety of colors, and go well with the soft, formless, hypebeast-y leisure that has dominated streetwear for a while now. Crocs featured heavily in Season 1 of quarantine; please don’t make me talk about the “viral” strawberry-print ones that the Strategist has written about as covetable items, I will likely never own them because they have been sold out since May. As we all prepare for the second season of Pandemic: Hell on Earth, people who previously disavowed the Croc as a shoe for them are now succumbing to their siren call. If you were already on the Crocs-wagon prior to their current moment in the sun, bask in the special and specific feeling of knowing that all along, you were right.

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