First thoughts: That is an attractive family. LOOKING GOOD, CUTIES.

The President started by thanking every American who participated in the election, and acknowledging the long-ass ridiculous voting lines (by the way we have to fix that! YES!). He applauded us all for making our voices heard, whether or not we're a genius or dumbass — it's the American way!

He wants to work with Romney to move this country forward. He thanked Joe "America's Happy Warrior" Biden (hehe), he talked about how awesome Michelle is and how much he loves her and YEAH DER WE ARE ALL IN LOVE WITH HER LET'S MAKE OUT. He talked about Sasha and Malia growing up, and joked about getting another dog (Wrong, one dog is never enough! Said the woman with two dogs sitting on top of her keyboard). He thanked the best ever campaign, which, pretty true, and it was generally just very inspiring.

And the part about people fighting for this country not having to fight for a roof over their head. That. The man can give a speech, and that is a fact.


We're all family. We need to move forward. Progress comes in fits and starts, a decade of war is ending, he has listened and learned, and he's now a more determined president. Love, Charity, Duty, and Patriotism, yall.



Let's get some real shit done, Obama.