Obama Told Trump He Was 'Not a Fan of Michael Flynn,' But Who Was Listening?

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It’s almost summer, and that means the smell of garbage baking in the Capitol.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • President Barack Obama reportedly warned Donald Trump against hiring Michael Flynn to be his National Security Adviser, the man who resigned not even one month into the administration after misleading the White House about his conversations with Russian officials. According to one senior Trump administration official, Obama made it obvious that he was “not a fan of Michael Flynn,” but another official said his comments seemed like a joke. Remember the Trump administration stance to take presidents seriously but not literally. [NBC News]
  • During a briefing this afternoon, ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega asked Sean Spicer why, despite Trump’s claims that his travel ban was not targeting Muslims, his website still explicitly called for the prevention of Muslim immigration. Minutes later, the statement on the website was deleted. It’s like I always say: Never post anything on your LiveJournal/Xanga/Tumblr that you wouldn’t want to be asked about in the White House press room. [Twitter, The Hill]
  • The new national security adviser General H.R. McMaster is apparently popular around the White House with everyone but Trump. Some advice from me, a former three year old, to McMaster: Set him up in front of the TV with a Happy Meal for a couple hours and he’ll forget why he was mad at you in the first place. [Bloomberg]
  • Congrats to Tiffany Trump, who is going to Georgetown Law School! She’ll soon be able to tell us exactly how unconstitutional her father’s travel bans are. [New York Times]
  • Bill Clinton and James Patterson are writing a political thriller called The President Is Missing. What will it be about??? [Vulture]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:

Senior Editor, Jezebel



You guys. You guys.


White House staff. Secretly called the Canadian PM. To beg him to call the American president. And try to convince him not to ditch NAFTA. Because the White House officials couldn’t. And they thought Trudeau might be better at it.

How is this the world we currently live in? How has the literal physical White House not imploded yet?