O.B. Sings You A Song To Apologize For Taking Your Tampons Away

Illustration for article titled O.B. Sings You A Song To Apologize For Taking Your Tampons Away

You may remember the national crisis that was unleashed when O.B. tampons went missing from store shelves late last year. Eventually they returned, and we breathed a collective sigh of relief. Now, after causing such a mess, O.B. is trying to win back our hearts in the form of a personalized apology song.


That's right, you just go here, enter in your name, wait a few seconds, and then voila! You get a video of a charming man singing specifically to you about how really, really, really sorry he is for doing this you. (If you have a lot of time on your hands, it's kind of fun to enter in random words and then see them written in the sky, in rose petals, and tattooed on someone's arm.) Then at the end of the video, you get a coupon—well, at least you do if you live in Canada. For some reason, O.B. is only apologizing to Canadians at the moment. Perhaps they've got some other apology in store for America shortly? Like a website that generates a personalized check for one million dollars? A girl can dream.


Sticky Little Fingers

This is adorable. Almost makes me regret that I no longer have a uterus and don't need tampons anymore.

Almost. Guess I'll go put on some lacy white underpants to get over it!