In New York City, Mayor de Blasio has cleared a parade for the US women’s soccer team who recently won the World Cup. Gather all the confetti you can find for Friday morning at 11 a.m. folks!

On Sunday, the women bested Japan during the final game. On Monday, many fans learned that despite winning more trophies than their male counterparts, the US women’s team is paid 40 percent less. While the ladies of the Internet erupted with a swift response of ‘That’s bullshit,’ Internet men are still ranting about their sexist opinions but who cares! The women’s team is getting a parade!


According to the New York Times, the ticker-tape celebration will take place along New York’ “Canyon of Heroes,” located in Lower Manhattan. Here’s a map of the route; the ladies will be the first women’s team to be honored by New York City. This is a feat considering the Big Apple isn’t really keen on ticker-tape parades, outside of celebrations for the Giants or the Yankees, because they’re messy and expensive. It looks like that petition worked.

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