Nurse Poses with Corpse on Facebook, Calls Herself the 'Soul Taker'

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You might get annoyed about all the pictures of friends babies populating your Facebook feed, but it could be WAY worse.

A nurse at an elderly care center in St. Gallen, Switzerland, is in serious trouble and may face investigation for posting pictures of herself with a dead woman to Facebook.

The pictures include captions like "Guess is she sleeping or dead ... Hint I'm the soul taker," and show the nurse laughing and posing at the bedside of deceased resident of the center. Shudder. Apparently the woman has "satanist imagery" in other pictures on her Facebook page, as well. In another comment, the nurse says, "Yeah there time is up gonna send them to Hell where some belong the rest in the compost pit for fertilizers." More shuddering. All the shudders. Forever shuddering.


At the very least, this is the creepiest, and has to be a violation of some confidentiality/rights of the deceased. At worst, it's not like murderous medical professionals aren't a thing. Obviously, this could be an extreme case of goofing off at work for a person who isn't the most mentally sound, but it definitely seems an investigation is in order.

One more time for good measure: SHUDDER.

[20 Min, France 24]

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