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Nude Sunbather Causes Chaos, Major Car Accident in Austria [NSFW]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apparently not all of Europe is as progressive and nudity-friendly as previously thought. Or maybe it's that one never expects to see a naked butt hanging out of a window (I live in San Francisco, so I always expect that?), but an Austrian woman caused quite the stir when she chose to sunbathe nude through her window.

No one is clear when the actual sunbathing took place, but the photo surfaced this week and the whole thing raises a lot of questions, especially considering that a woman's bare behind caused a car pile-up. I'm hoping (but this is probably pretty naive) because motorists were concerned that the woman's unorthodox way of sunbathing made it look like she was falling out of the window — when I first read this I expected a story about a daring rescue — and not because people just can't stop ogling.

Here's what happened according to The Huffington Post:

Michael Kienast told local media, "I was behind two guys who had a fender bender because the motorists in front took their eyes off the road to glance up at the view. The young woman was obviously keen on getting some sun in a place where it doesn't usually shine."

Kienast said he heard the driver who caused the pile up tell another motorist, "'Sorry, I was distracted," and then motioned toward the sunbather.

Okay, so it seems that people just can't stop ogling. I guess, my only concern is that the woman was probably uncomfortable hanging out like that? But I also have a great fear of such great heights and know that someone couldn't pay me to hang out a window like that.

A photo of the woman shows that the situation (while probably NSFW) wasn't in any way sexual or pornographic, but you know, bodies.

By the time the police arrive to investigate the accident, the woman had stopped sunbathing and gone inside. Her identity remains unknown.

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