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Now Schools Can Feed Kids As Many Potatoes As They Damn Well Please

A quick update on the Potato Wars being fought by the American government, the potato industry, and the lunch lady in your elementary school's cafeteria: the Senate voted to reject the $19.78 billion agriculture and rural development bill which, among many other things, would have limited schools to serving only one-to-two servings o' spuds per week. But no more! Freedom fries will remain free another day.


Potatoes Come Under Scrutiny For Dominating Unhealthy School Lunches

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Sorcia MacNasty

Because public schools are the sole arbiters of imparting healthy eating habits, along with being 100% responsible for how dumb your kids are, how much they know about STDs and where children can go to learn improper use of firearms.

Parents, teach your kids AT HOME about healthy eating... or don't. I don't personally fucking care. But don't cry that the schools are to blame for goddamn everything.