Potatoes Come Under Scrutiny For Dominating Unhealthy School Lunches

Despite the fact that our nation's potato consumption is at its lowest point in 30 years — down 20% since 1996, in fact — our kids are consuming so much of the vegetable in school lunches that it's become a topic of debate in the Senate. The government would like to see potatoes in school lunches limited to only two servings per week, but senators from big potato-growing states are arguing against the USDA's suggestions by ranting, raving, and comparing it to the villainous iceberg lettuce. Except that potatoes are delicious.


Am I the only one who doesn't consider potatoes to be vegetables?

To me, I count them as a grain, pretty much because of the starch.

Also, I am far less concerned with the potatoes on Junior's cafeteria tray than I am concerned with the potatoes in Junior's ears.