Nothing But Respect for These Anti-Work Icons, Who Got Married Four Times and Divorced Thrice for PTO

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A few months ago I wrote for Jezebel about how the pandemic has made some people realize that work needn’t be the center of our entire lives and that in fact, it probably shouldn’t be. That more people seem to be awakening to this idea thankfully gives me even greater license to say: This couple that got married four times and divorced three to get extra paid time off work is iconic.


Their tremendous scheme was possible because in Taiwan, where they live, companies are legally required to provide eight days of paid leave to newlyweds. According to the New York Times, the couple married on April 6, 2020; divorced on April 16; remarried on April 17; divorced again on April 28; remarried again on April 29; divorced a third time on May 11; and married for a fourth and final time on May 17.

The groom, an employee at a bank in Taipei, demanded his 32 days of PTO; when his employer refused to allow him more than the standard eight days he filed a complaint with the Department of Labor, resulting in the bank receiving a $700 fine. Though the bank was excused from paying the fine after appealing the decision—and explaining the particulars of the situation—officials still appear to be debating whether the man abused his rights. (The Times reports that the Taiwanese policy doesn’t place limits on how many times a worker can take advantage of the benefit.)

I’m less divided on this question: I don’t think this man has abused his rights at all. They’re meant to be exercised! And I think he’s very clever for having worked out this loophole, an even more innocent ruse than the one executed by the Italian man who got paid for 15 years without showing up once. I only hope that his many marriages and divorces didn’t prevent him and his bride from taking a leisurely 32-day honeymoon.

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Brick HardMeat

I mean this is the kind of shit people bring up when they want to get rid of perks like this.

One dumbass lady committed fraud in the 80s and that created the mythos of the “welfare queen” that we still live with today. Some jackoff just flat out refuses to do his job and somehow unions become boogiemen.

I know this is supposed to be tongue in cheek but these people don’t sound like heroes, they sound like utter assholes.