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Nordstrom Crosses the Pinterest Rubicon, Starts Pinning Stuff IRL

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Looking to be known as something other than the store where you can return the crumpled, stained BCBG bridesmaid dress you wore ten years ago for a full refund, Nordstrom has launched a program where it attaches the Pinterest logo to the store's most pinned items. That's right: if it's being pinned on the addictive social networking giant, it's basically being pinned IRL, too.

The thinking behind the program is akin to the "People Love Us on Yelp!" stickers that are ubiquitous at every restaurant above a one star rating. If people online like it, it must be legit. That's science.

According to Gigaom, the program is only in select stores right now, but Nordstrom will be monitoring the progress to see if people really do drink the adorable Pinterest Kool-Aid (served in mason jars, naturally).



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As a professional market research person, I can definitely see how this idea evolved. Every survey/focus group I analyze these days shouts about social networking and online reviews as a crucial part of people's decision making process. The kicker is how to take advantage of that at point of sale.

I'm not sure this is the answer, though. Especially since I'm not sure what those little pin symbols mean. Are they highly-pinned products overall or just that the retailer happened to pin them a few times? And how the heck are they maintaining the real time accuracy of that?