No Selfies Will Be Allowed at This Year's Met Gala

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Instagram and Twitter-addicted celebs will have to put their iPhones on pause during this Monday’s Met Gala. The Metropolitan Museum of Art sent out a notice to guests stating that neither picture-taking nor social media will be permitted inside the annual event. As we know, Anna Wintour isn’t the hugest fan of the selfie. With the gala under her reign, this could be her way of wielding power against the social media trend she refuses to follow.

According to Page Six, Vogue is filming a documentary about this year’s gala and noted that the ban might have been put in place in order to limit outside coverage and to give Vogue more editorial control. The ball’s theme is called “China: Through the Looking Glass,” which is an improvement from the previously mentioned, offensive-sounding “Chinese Whispers” title.

This ban won’t stop Kim K and the Celebrity Selfie Army from taking photos before the event and after, or even from sneaking a shot in a bathroom. Social media is an addiction, people. The famouses are probably more addicted than we are. Of course, there could be security footage to look at later as well. We can’t forget what was documented inside of an infamous elevator during last year’s Met Gala.


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