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Anna Wintour Has Never Taken a Selfie and Doesn't Plan to Start Now

Illustration for article titled Anna Wintour Has Never Taken a Selfie and Doesnt Plan to Start Now

Anna "Nuclear" Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, did a "73 Questions" video for, uh, Vogue. It has a surreal, forced, rehearsed, uncomfortable faux-documentary quality but the notoriously fierce fashion magnate is a rather good sport.


In the clip — which includes appearances from Karlie Kloss and the disembodied voice of Oscar de la Renta — Ms. Wintour reveals the following:

  • She believes Brooklyn is the new Silicon Valley
  • Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice
  • She wishes she'd written War and Peace
  • The September issue of the magazine includes the words "cooking with marijuana"
  • She does indeed have a flip phone

And the answer to "what is your biggest regret?"

I don't have one.


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