No One Likes Target's Offensive OCD Christmas Sweater

Everyone loves ugly Christmas sweaters. Everyone loves Target. But not everyone is that into Target’s newest holiday offering—a sweater that makes light of mental illness in order to push a christmas-themed joke.


While some moms will definitely be buying these—a woman I once went to Weight Watchers meetings with wore a sweater that said “I’m psycho for Christmas”—the sweater’s been lambasted all over social media. Critics, Mashable reports, are quick to point out that OCD is already trivialized by popular culture, with people not realizing that the disorder isn’t just about being quirky. And making fun of those who live with the serious condition is just not right to many consumers.


Some people—even those who live with OCD—have defended the sweater as a cute joke, but it’s important to remember that no other disorders are being included in Target’s campaign. No one’s unwrapping a sweater joking about depression or borderline personality disorder on Christmas, so why is OCD safe?

According to USA Today, Target has heard the complaints but will not be pulling the $22 sweater off the shelves this holiday season. “We never want to disappoint any of our guests and apologize for any discomfort,” a Target spokesman said.

One person who lives with OCD posted the following to Twitter, finding a little silver lining in this situation: If nothing else, at least all the letters are evenly spaced.


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Ken Yadiggit, Adios

I’m done being really offended with this and am in the BORED NOW stage. Seriously. Because every time I try to explain to someone why OCD isn’t funny, they tell me how they like their DVDs in alphabetical order which makes them like, totally OCD too soooo.....

Rage. Rage stroke.I want to tell him to try having intrusive thoughts about their mother dying horrible for three days in a row and sure washing your hands is a methodical ritual you can do to calm yourself down but WHAT IF GETTING ONLY PART OF YOUR BODY WET GIVES YOU FUCKING ANXIETY.

Wear your stupid sweater people, I don’t care. You’ll just make it a lot easier for me to avoid ever fucking talking to you, so thank you.