No More Celebrities as Politicians, Please

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This is purely my opinion and nothing else, but I think that it’s safe to say at this point that we, as a nation, should be done with allowing famous people to run for public office. This includes professional wrestlers, television personalities, and also, Reese Witherspoon. Ma’am, if you hear me, I beg you: please, do not run for office.


There’s not an imminent threat that she will do so, but she recently appeared on a podcast with Sean Hayes, Will Arnett, and Jason Bateman, and answered the men’s very inane question about whether or not she would ever go into politics. She said that our standards as a country right now are “low,” which is true, but then she said this: “I wouldn’t say never, because I don’t know where I’m going to be when I’m, you know, 65.”

Then she said some other stuff that leads me to believe that maybe playing Elle Woods, a fictional lawyer and politician in a movie, has gone to Reese’s head in a way that leads her to believe she could and should run for public office??!?!?!!?!?!

“I think we need better representation and balance. Women are 50 per cent of the population, but we’re not 50 per cent of the representation in government, which is bizarre, particularly when they’re adjudicating over our bodies,” she shared. “And the lack of representation of people of color, who make up a large, almost majority of this country. What about balance, you know? Just yin and yang. Male, female balance.”

OK, she’s right, she’s right, sure yes. “Representation and balance.” Okay, I really can’t imagine that Reese would actually do this, but stranger things have happened, no one knows for sure what the future looks like, and since a fucking pandemic has shaken everyone’s sense of both reality and self in a way that is permanently broken, well, I have to sound a small alarm when people say stuff like this that is crazy but also could be true. We do not need any more famous people in office, we have all been to this particular rodeo and if you’d take a fucking LOOK AROUND, you’d see that it’s been going great. No more! Let me off this thing. [Just Jared]

Here’s Mom and Dad reminding you to vote, via song.

There they are! Katy Perry and Legolas, both of whom would like it very much if you voted, in some form or fashion. Run to the polls. Sing this song. Whatever it takes to make them happy. [Instagram]

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I have no problem with anyone, including celebrities, who wants to run for office because they want to serve people and make Americans’ lives better. If that’s your motivation, go for it; we need much more of that, especially from people who aren’t straight white old men. My much bigger concern with celebrities running for office, especially after the last 4 years, is that celebrities tend to be narcissistic assholes, and another one of those is something I cannot abide, and to be blunt, Reese Witherspoon has always struck me as a narcissistic asshole.