The brand-new Shimmy Club in Glasgow, Scotland has allegedly celebrated its opening by installing two-way mirrors in some of its private rooms. Aye, aye, creepiness!

Scottish newspaper, Express, claims to have seen photos showing a group of young men with a clear view of women using the bathroom. They also say that the nightclub hasn't posted any signs alerting patrons to the restrooms that nightmares built. Lovely.


According to Express, a spokesman for the nightclub insists it doesn't allow male or mixed-sex groups to hire the rooms that have the mirrors. That's interesting, considering Express claims "a photograph on the venue’s own Facebook site shows two young women in a bathroom while a man looks on from the other side of the mirror." I've checked out quite a few photos on the club's Facebook page, and while there are tons of charming pics like this, I haven't seen any proof of the alleged bathroom mirror situation. That said, it's quite possible that photos were taken down after the Express story broke, or that I missed them.

However, the existence of the mirrors was corroborated by female Shimmy Club patrons:

One horrified young woman contacted this newspaper to complain about the venue, saying: “I was completely shocked to discover that the mirror in the ladies’ bathroom is a two-way mirror facing out onto the club.

Ye gads. If that's true, it's fucking disgusting — and, I'm wondering, if it even legal? Any Scottish law experts in the house?? Because it feels like it should be really illegal, but lord knows legal systems don't often get it right.


Shutterstock/Grigoriy Pil