Nicole Westbrook Is Now America's #1 Tween Artist in Songs Related to Thanksgiving or Poultry

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It's been less than a week since the internet caught wind of infant-tween Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving," the newest hit to have been turned out by the totally legit and not-at-all shady ARK Music Factory, and the hate-fueled enthusiasm has yet to die down. Today, your Wisconsin aunt's favorite show Good Morning America even ran a segment called "'It's Thanksgiving' Music Video on YouTube: Worst Song Ever?" and the video has over 88 thousand dislikes on YouTube.

Haters gonna hate. I've been watching the video all weekend and it has yet to get less awesome. The girl sings into a turkey leg, her wild-eyed friends are eating uncooked macaroni and cheese and they're hanging out with a lone adult who is dressed like a bird. Add some intense blue lighting and this could be a scene straight out of a David Lynch movie.


And where are the adults? From the baby mouth of Westbrook:

"I don't know why they weren't there, but I'm kind of glad they weren't."

This video is clearly about to devolve into some Lord of the Flies style terror and Nicole Westbrook is Jack Merridew. (Patrice Wilson is the pig head.)

And what of her critics? She imperiously tells GMA:

"Honestly, I don't care what the critics think. They can say whatever they want — they're entitled to their own opinions."


Oh, god. Nicole Westbrook is the mean girl from all of our middle schools. We must fear her and yet we must also adore her.


"It's Thanksgiving" Music Video on YouTube: Worst Song Ever? [GMA]

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Violet Baudelaire

Honestly, somehow I can't get past the idea that at the Thanksgiving dinner full of white children, they specifically sing about and serve the black man sitting with them barbecue ribs that only he eats.