Nicole Westbrook's Epic Thanksgiving Song Puts Rebecca Black to Shame

Good news for those of you put off by the complexity of Rebecca Black's "Friday" — ARK Music Factory's Patrice Wilson (who wrote and produced the 2011 internet hate-fueled hit) has introduced us to the musical stylings of yet another dewy-faced young thing who was unfortunate enough to have been gifted a music video by her parents. Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving" is similar to "Friday" in themes — a bunch of tweens hanging out, calendars, the inexplicable presence of a fully grown man (though, this time, he's dressed like a turkey) — but lyrically, it's way more about listing different kinds of food and that's something we can all relate to.


We can mock Black and Westbrook all we'd like, but Black, having appeared in a Katy Perry video and had her song covered on Glee, has had her share of what a 13-year-old (and several adults) would classify as success. Maybe lightning will strike twice?



Madeleine Davies

The food in this video all looks repulsive.