Nicki Minaj to No Pop Star In Particular: 'Sit Down. Be Humble'

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Thirteen minutes after Taylor Swift unveiled the original song she wrote for an upcoming sequel to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, long-time nemesis Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to share a Kendrick Lamar lyric, presumably for no other reason than she likes Kendrick Lamar lyrics.


Though fans immediately speculated that Minaj was reacting to the release of “Look What You Made Me Do”—in which Kanye West, among others, is targeted—and telling her to quit complaining about petty shit (despite the fact that Minaj herself participated in Katy Perry’s pettiness anthem “Swish Swish”), there is no proof that the tweet was in any way referencing Taylor Swift.

In related news, Gossip Cop wants you to know that Selena Gomez is NOT excited about Reputation.

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It began with, oh, Shirley MacLaine—by which I mean it began at the beginning of time. Then it spread through Los Angeles. At some point Spencer Pratt got involved. Then Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry. And now—finally—crystals have become embraced by none other than Katherine Heigl.


In the latest post on her blog, Those Heavenly Days, Heigl explains why she’s now very into them, writing:

So three years ago or so I was on a plane headed to LA from Utah by myself and a lovely woman across the aisle leaned over and handed me a beautiful blue iridescent stone on a leather rope and said it was a labradorite crystal. She said she felt I needed it more than she did. I’ve always been a comfortable flyer but after a bad private plane experience that scared the absolute shit out of me I’ve been uneasy in the air ever since. This kind stranger sensed my fear and gave me a gift that has made a tremendous impact on my life. Not only did the crystal ease my tension and fear on that flight but it performed the same miracle on countless others.


She goes on:

Now I have tons of gorgeous energetic healing crystals that I use to adorn my altar, and I even place them in beautiful grids around my home, or whatever space I’m in, to not only catch the eye but to bring about the positive, loving, supportive energy I desire. Creating lovely, positively charged crystal grids has become kind of a thing for me and they are the base of whatever altar I’m creating.


I’m so happy for her and her namaste mug.

[Those Heavenly Days]

Jay Thomas, star of so many sitcoms and movies, died at the age of 69 after battling cancer. I will always remember him as the coach in Mr. Holland’s Opus for whatever reason.

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The Noble Renard

For real though, crystals are cool, they’re pretty, but they’re not fucking healing anyone. The placebo effect is a powerful thing, but damn, don’t push that on people who might actually waste hundreds of dollars on pretty pieces of rock.

Waste hundreds on pretty pieces of rock because they’re pretty, not because they’re going to actually do something other than through their intrinsic beauty. There is so much to mock in this picture of Heigl and her kids worshiping their rock altar (actual caption: “I love getting them involved and teaching them to honor the sacred around them and in them”) that’s it honestly not even really worth it.

Just... kids... rocks are pretty, have fun playing with them (I know I loved fiddling with quartz as a kid and thought that the “rocks and minerals” room in the Natural History Museum was the third coolest space in the museum), but... yeah.