Nicki Minaj Publicly Shames Dude Selling Stolen Merch

Nicki Minaj’s latest Instagram shows her calling out a random bootlegger for selling stolen merchandise for her Pinkprint Tour. In the video, she pulls up to the guy and says, “Can I have a shirt? Where’d you get those shirts, sir?” while four cars of screaming women tell her how much they love her.


The caption reads:

Can I have a shirt? 😩. When u drive past a person selling your stolen t-shirts on the highway. 😂😂😂😂😂 #ThePinkprintTOUR


According to her tour schedule (if the video was taken today), the above interaction took place in butthole of the country, Camden, New Jersey.

Let’s all be this famous one day.

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Maybe don’t call a place populated mostly by poor minorities and which has been reeling from the decimation of the manufacturing business and white flight ‘the butthole of America’. I take it that you drove through in your Landrover and decided the view wasn’t to your liking and you hustled home to Greenwich, CT.