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Nicki Minaj Is Unimpressed With This Stupid Bill Cosby Costume

Every Halloween a handful of people make incredibly dumb costume decisions; from dressing in blackface to appropriating other cultures, stupid puns and more. Yesterday, Nicki Minaj called out one particularly misguided costume: a dude who thought that dressing like Bill Cosby and a passed out rape victim, complete with a drink, a presciption bottle and hand reaching into a shirt, was hysterically funny. “Our generation is so desensitized,” Minaj captioned the Instagram photo.


Hope this dude enjoys his 15 minutes of fame.

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Someone posted this damn picture to fb a few days ago. I made a comment about how moronic it was (I think I said something about how the only thing worse would be a Sexy Jared Fogel costume). Others replied that I was being a dick for not thinking it was funny.

I never thought Minaj would be the voice of reason.