Nick Cannon Doesn't Think Mariah Carey's Romance With Her Dancer Is Real Either

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As a man of able sight and hearing, Nick Cannon has noticed something that many viewers of his ex-wife’s reality show Mariah’s World have picked up on: it all seems fake as hell, including her relationship with her dancer/now co-creative director (I guess???) Bryan Tanaka.


Us Weekly reports that on Howard Stern’s Sirius show on Wednesday, Cannon didn’t hold back on the subject of the drama he suspects Carey and her producers of manufacturing. Nick said, says Us:

First of all, I think the whole reality show is fake. I’m a producer, so I know how [it works]. Like, you can’t have a well-lit private conversation. Like, that shit doesn’t happen. I don’t buy none of that shit.


Hmmmm, great point! The whole thing did seem fake!

Additionally, regarding the Carey-Tanaka romance arc, Cannon said:

I don’t even get into it. It feels like they wrote the story. That shit is like a soap opera.


Yeah! That’s what we said!


On his Mariah’s World cameo, Cannon remarked:

I actually came. It was a party, so I showed up to hang out with my kids and I was like, “There’s fucking cameras here. But all right, y’all do whatever you gotta do.” So that type of stuff doesn’t bother me because, again, we’re in it. This is the world that we’re in, but when you start trying to pull a fast one on people, that shit is silly.


As silly as closed-mouth kissing on a beach under an entire artificial-lighting system???


“I love Mariah. I’ll never stop loving her. She gave me two, amazing beautiful gifts,” he told Stern. “We talk every day.”


He should ask her about how fake her show is and report back to us, since we’re all on the same page and enquiring minds want to know.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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