New York's Trendiest New Dessert Looks Like a Breast Implant

The newest food trend to sweep New York City looks like a tit.

It’s actually supposed to look like a droplet of water, according to creator Darren Wong, who has named his new fad the Raindrop Cake. The gelatinous half-orb is “inspired by” a Japanese dessert called Mizu Shingen Mochi—it’s made of water and gelatin and is served over brown sugar and kinako, or roasted soy flour. For now, it is only available on weekends at the Brooklyn festival of needless edible inventions, Smorgasburg.

According to its website (, the dessert is a logistical headache:

It took a lot of trial and error testing out different agars and gelatins to get the right consistency. The cake has to maintain its shape but still have the texture of water. This makes the cake a nightmare to store and transport. That was the second challenge I had to overcome. Each cake has to be individually packed in a way that protects it from movement and temperature.


In that way, this cake is different from and worse than a boob, which you can subject to different temperatures and move freely.

The creation apparently tastes “very mild,” and with toppings “has a strong sweet kick with a tinge of molasses and roasted nutty flavor.” In that way, it is very similar to a boob.

More like “Two Boobs in Search of a Nipple,” am I right?

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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I’ve heard it described as having a very strong water taste.