New Obama Attack Ad Slams Romney for Outsourcing Jobs And Financial Accounts

This Obama campaign ad, while a respite from the ol' adorable-little-girl fear-mongering gambit employed often by the GOP, is pretty harsh. Set to the Mittens Romney rendition of "America The Beautiful," which he often performs during speeches, it informs viewers that Romney has stayed afloat by shipping jobs overseas to Mexico, China and India, also alleging that Romney has "millions" in banks in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.


Romney's camp has hit back, calling the ad "reckless" and "absurd," but the Democrats have withheld the apology they demanded.

'Obama Campaign's Brutal Ad Slams Romney For Swiss, Cayman Accounts' [Buzzfeed]
No Apologies: Obama Campaign Continues Attacks on Romney' [The New York Times]

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