The Little Girl Who's Becoming The Republicans' Poster Child

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When in doubt about the best way to fearmonger, seek an adorable little girl. That, at least, is the message from two Republican ads, released on the same day, featuring the same young actress.


In the RNC ad, the adorable little girl innocently watches reports of China's supremacy at the close of Barack Obama's term.

The ad made by Iowa conservative group American Future Fund goes Blade Runner on us. In the dystopic scenario, a blond woman warns citizens, including same Adorable Little Girl, that America's creditors have induced "economic slavery."

The tradition goes all the way back to Lyndon Johnson's infamous "Daisy" ad with a little girl picking at a daisy followed by a nuclear explosion and the ominous warning that the "stakes are too high."


A more recent example was Hillary Clinton's notorious 3am ad, which was made from older footage purchased through a stock agency. Then again, there were little boys thrown in for good measure.

The most visible child in the Clinton video is a blonde girl who, by the time of the 2008 presidential primaries, was a highly articulate high school senior by the name of Casey Knowles. She told Good Morning America, "I'm just enjoying the irony. I'm an Obama supporter." She'd even served as a precinct captain in her local caucus.

Of the ad, Knowles said, "What I don't like about the ad is [that] it's fear-mongering. I think it's a cheap hit to take."

AFF And RNC Use Same Young Actress In Ads Released On The Same Day To Talk About U.S. Enslavement To China [Under The Golden Dome]
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China's economic ascendency is based on a strong U.S. economy and dollar, because we run a MASSIVE trade deficit with China, and as long as the yuan is weak against the dollar, they can keep dumping goods into U.S. markets at well below the market rate, and still make a tidy profit. Which is why China had artificially kept the yuan low until they finally had to cave into pressure from the rest of the world last year. Which is probably going to begin to temper their fast growth rate, and could actually turn in on itself, the way it did for Japan in the 90's.

That's that whole "global economic interdependence" thing the kids nowadays are talking about on their smartyphones.