New Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Book Coming Out in 2015

Illustration for article titled New emGirl With the Dragon Tattoo/em Book Coming Out in 2015

If you weren't quite done reading an entire Ikea shipping list, here's your chance for more literary pleasure! The late Stieg Larsson’s insanely popular The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series will be revived by Swedish author David Lagercrantz.

The trilogy's publisher told the AP that the new book won't include anything from the fourth book that Larsson was penning when he died in 2004. It will undoubtedly be made into several mediocre movies that we will argue about in these very comments in two years. Rooney Mara, get those brows bleached!

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I hope they use an editor this time. Larsson's work was good, but it was rushed to print and would likely have been better with more beta reads and tweaks.