New Camera That Can See Through Clothing Is Great for Rich Pervs

On Monday, Fujifilm announced the new mirrorless X-T1 IR, which is geek code for a Very Good Camera. The only problem is that it is maybe such a good camera that it will shoot straight through your clothing.

Wired explains:

That’s because it’s able to “see” infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye. Visible light falls within a wavelength of 390nm (violet) and 700nm (red). Beyond that 700nm ceiling, you enter the near-infrared range between 750nm and 950nm. According to Fujifilm, the X-T1 IR can capture light at wavelengths up to 1,000nm, dipping its toe into the mid-infrared range. It’s also able to see long-wave ultraviolet light in the 380nm to 400nm range.


The camera wasn’t actually made for peeping — infrared cameras are used in crime scene investigations (to show blood and cum and other hidden things) and in the fine art world to expose sketches beneath paint, which helps gauge authenticity.

The camera is set to be released this October and will cost $1,699.95. Advice from me to you: Under no circumstances should you spend $1,700 to see a kind of naked body. Naked bodies are literally everywhere. Every person has one.


Note: The camera pictured above is the X-T1 without infrared technology.

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