Nevada Brothel Bans Josh Duggar in Order to 'Protect His Sisters'

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Dennis Hof, the man behind the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and HBO’s Cathouse has publicly banned Josh Duggar from ever entering any of the brothel’s establishments. And while no one specifically asked Hof about his thoughts on the Duggars, he’s put out a press release about them anyway, saying that he’ll do anything to protect the Duggar daughters.

The statement, obtained via Joe My God, is pretty ridiculous. In it, Hof points out that the Bunny Ranch is safer than the Duggar household for women (actually, that might be true) and then goes on to point out that because the Duggars have so many kids, it’s not unlikely that at least one of them will come to work at the Bunny Ranch someday. And, follow the logic here, Hof points out that since Duggar molested his sisters, it could only be a matter of time before Josh theoretically realizes one of his sisters is theoretically working at Nevada’s most famous legal brothel and theoretically comes looking for her.

Here’s the press release:

The world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch, famed legal brothel that has been featured on HBO’s smash hit series “Cathouse”, has taken the extraordinary step of banning TLC’s “19 And Counting” star Josh Duggar from entering any of their properties, citing concerns for the safety of the 500 legal prostitutes that are employed there. Duggar has recently become embattled in a firestorm of controversy over his admission that he sexually molested five girls, including two of his younger sisters, when he was 15. One of the sisters was 5 at the time that the assault occurred.

”My number one priority has got to be the safety of my girls,” said Dennis Hof, owner of the world famous Bunny Ranch and six other Nevada brothels. “We employ 500 girls at any one time, and we’ve had tens of thousands of them come and go over the years. With the Duggars having 19 kids, it is just simple math that the odds are much greater than usual that one of their daughters might come work for us at some point. There’s no way I would ever put them or any other girl in harm’s way, should that brother of theirs come prowling around here. He’s persona non grata, starting now.”

“Those poor girls (the Duggar sisters) were propped up on television by their Bible thumping parents to make excuses for their brother, saying that their mother and father had protected them after they became aware of the molestations by putting locks on the girls’ doors. We don’t have locks on our girls’ doors, because we’ve never needed them. Apparently the Bunny Ranch brothel is a safer place for young girls than the Duggar household.”


Funny that Hof has no problems propping up the Duggar daughters for his own gains. But then again, this isn’t new for Hof. According to Joe My God, he’s also banned Phil Robertson for his homophobic remarks in the past.

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