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Netflix's Anne of Green Gables Reboot Looks Decent, Thank God

Nothing will ever touch the splendor of the 1985 Anne of Green Gables mini-series, but upon viewing this very short blip of a trailer for Netflix’s Anne of Green Gables reboot, I am relieved to say that it actually looks good.


“There’s a new ginger in town,” reads a weird text message that is somehow sent to all of Netflix’s assorted gingers —Barb from Stranger Things, Red from Orange Is the New Black, Kimmy Schmidt, and Yael from Degrassi: The Next Generation—before introducing us, albeit briefly, to Anne Shirley and her adventures on Prince Edward Island.

“Anne’s adventures will reflect timeless and topical issues including themes of identity, feminism, bullying and prejudice,” according to Netflix and while my nine-year old self didn’t think of any of that when I read the books as a child, it’s good to know that they’re taking that into consideration for future generations.


Dedicated L.M Montgomery-heads will be glad to know that despite the reboot’s intent to go “off-book”, as reported by the CBC in October, some of the key elements of Anne’s antics are still present and accounted for: Namely, that time Anne hauled off and hit Gilbert Blythe in the face with her slate because he pulled her hair and called her “carrots.” Will there be raspberry cordial? Will Anne be swindled by a traveling salesman and dye her hair green? Will she still send herself downriver in a canoe with flowers in her hair pretending to be the Lady of Shalott?

Hopefully they won’t ruin your childhood too much, but you can find out when Anne premieres May 12.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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Good. Now bring us a half-decent take on the Little House series, chop chop.

Yeah. I said it.