Neither Olivia Jade Nor the Other One Are Currently Enrolled at USC

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Olivia Jade and her sister...I want to say...Sienna?...Gabrielle?...ah yes, Isabella Rose, are no longer enrolled in USC, meaning all that fictionalized rowing and probable jail time for Lori Loughlin will have amounted to nothing. Sad. Sad, sad, sad. I hope they had a nice time while it lasted.

The USC registrar confirmed to various outlets that “Olivia Jade Giannulli and Isabella Rose Giannulli are not currently enrolled,” though the university declined to add further information due to student privacy laws. (Fine, but they should never have been students in the first place, right? Spill the beans, USC!)

In August, both girls were reportedly kicked out of their sorority, which sounds just dreadful. Meanwhile, a source told ET earlier this month that Loughlin has been experiencing severe anxiety, and that the fallout from her decision to pay $500,000 to get her kids into the school “has been the biggest challenge of Lori’s life.”


On the bright side, the ordeal has brought the family closer together, because nothing promotes bonding like the looming threat of prison!:

“What started as Olivia cutting herself off from her mother has been a complete turnaround,” the source says. “Both girls have joined together because they both feel their mother only wanted the best for them. Her daughters are now much closer than they have ever been. At first when the news broke, it felt like her family life imploded, but the family has joined together and have built a united front. They are there for her and each other.”

That’s sweet. Meanwhile, Felicity Huffman began her two-week sentence in Dublin, California last week. Funny, she’ll have made it through her entire punishment before Loughlin even goes to trial. Really makes you think.

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Aunt Becky is going to get a few months in prison....after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get her kid into an over priced school....that the kid didnt want to go to...and wont end up graduating from. Seriously, she could have just burned the money in her drive way and come out ahead, especially when you factor in lost income from no longer working, and legal costs for her defense.

But, through it all, remember, her kids will end up being fine.  Think they themselves did nothing wrong.  And will likely keep living life.  Because they are rich kids, in america.