Nearly a Fifth of Americans Are Fully Vaccinated, but the Pandemic's Not Over Yet

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As vaccine distribution continues to ramp up, health experts warn that we’re not out of the woods yet.


More than 100 million Americans had received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine as of Sunday, per stats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and over 61 million of them are fully vaccinated against covid-19.

These encouraging numbers come as daily vaccine administration continues to increase, with more than four million doses given for the first time in a single day on Saturday, The New York Times reports.

Experts still caution the public to practice public health measures as advised by the CDC as new cases, deaths, and hospitalizations have risen 19 percent over the past two weeks—driven in large part by coronavirus variants, the Times notes, and premature reopenings in states like Texas and Florida.

“We don’t have evolution on our side,” Devi Sridhar, a professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, told the paper. “This pathogen seems to always be changing in a way that makes it harder for us to suppress.”

As of Sunday afternoon, there have been 30,492,334 covid cases reported in the United States with 553,681 total deaths.

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Today was a gorgeous day in Chicago. Sunny, low 60's light wind. Perfect day for a bike ride. As I pedaled through the light holiday traffic, kinda just aimlessly roaming and minding my own beeswax...I found myself nearing the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. Today happened to be a game day. I got closer and the crowds on the sidewalk got larger. And I looked and looked. But only rarely did I spot a face mask on anyone. Huh, I says to myself. Is that pandemic unpleasantness over at last? It must be. Look at all the bare faces grouped up together. But the local news tells me that cases are rising and the city is worried yet again. All I can conclude is these baseball fans have some secret knowledge proving those darn experts wrong. What other explanation could there be? Doctors, amirite? As for me, all I could think to do is speed up my pace and get the hell out of Wrigleyville. For some reason, I didn’t feel very safe there.