To anyone who thinks workplace sexual harassment is always a subtle, he-said-she-said affair, we submit the case of Australian naval lieutenant John Alan Jones, who's just been sentenced to jail time for repeatedly spanking a female subordinate.

According to 9News, Jones was found guilty Tuesday of seven indecent acts, four of which were incidents where he forced a female sailor to say "JJ, I been naughty. I want you to smack me," and then spanked her. The other indecent acts were "telling the sailor to take off her pants and pulling down her underwear, making her lift up her top, and touching her bottom." The sailor reportedly cried while testifying about Jones's harassment — she said she had nightmares about the incidents, and felt suicidal. Jones was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but could be released after a year. He was also fined $2000 for trying to destroy his Navy-issued laptop, on which he had downloaded spanking porn.


Jones will also be dismissed from the Navy. Says Defence Minister Stephen Smith, "The vast bulk of members of the defence force conduct themselves in an appropriate way. But where we see bad or inappropriate behaviour, there is no tolerance for it." The case is somewhat reminiscent of that of Henry Allen Fitzsimmons, who insisted on spanking the women to whom he had awarded scholarships. He was charged with sexual battery. His story and that of Jones should be a reminder to everyone that nonconsensual spanking is not only creepy, it's also a crime.


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