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Man Generously Awards Scholarships, Creepily Spanks Recipients, Goes to Prison

Illustration for article titled Man Generously Awards Scholarships, Creepily Spanks Recipients, Goes to Prison

A man in Virginia has pled guilty to criminal actions associated with what he says is a scholarship program. Three women received money from the man to use for educational expenses, and in return, the man got to spank them when they "misbehaved." And you thought the Miss America pageant was a dubious scholarship program.


The Washington Post reports that 54-year-old Henry Allen Fitzsimmons has pled guilty to sexual battery after spanking three women to whom he was providing scholarships. According to Fitzsimmons he and the women had a tit-for-tat agreement wherein the women agreed to call Fitzsimmons at prescribed times and refrain from drinking alcohol. He called it the "Spencer Scholarship Program," where "Spencer" means "felony." Fitzsimmons has been sentenced to 2 years in prison as a result of his ass antics.

One might wonder what would possess someone to enter into an agreement where certain conditions allow an old guy to touch your butt, but maybe this sort of thing is the inevitable result of the skyrocketing cost of postsecondary education.


Virginia restaurateur who spanked women he gave financial aid to pleads guilty to battery [WaPo]
Image via Antonio Abrignani/Shutterstock

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This article doesn't give the full scope, so I can understand why people are all "but it's a contract! It's no different from a strip club!"

Well, it was a plea deal down from "two counts of abduction and three counts of object sexual penetration," and what's not here is that the women walked away from these sometimes 20-minute-long beatings with welts and bruises. They were bare-bottom spankings usually involving an object of some sort. One woman said she went to see him about money for her son's birthday party, and when she tried to back out of the deal and leave, he "spanked" her with a riding crop for 20 minutes against her will. Another woman went to him for what she thought was a "counselling session" and ended up being spanked against her will. These weren't spankings like you'd give some little kid for misbehaving - they were straight-up beatings of women who were strapped for cash and essentially coerced into the situation because they needed a place to live and money for school/family. I'm guessing penetration wasn't on the initial agenda either, because he plead out.

The guy has a long list of criminal activities.