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Natty Millennial Men Are Embracing Makeup and Handbags

Illustration for article titled Natty Millennial Men Are Embracing Makeup and Handbags

A new study on millennials finds that guys are more comfortable with adopting women's grooming habits, wearing their fashions, and using their products—including makeup—than previous generations, meaning that the definition of "manly" is shifting away from being the polar opposite of "feminine."


According to the study, which surveyed 1000 adults in the US and UK, men are turning to grooming products and practices which were once considered strictly for women. But it would seem that emo has had less of an influence on this trend than, say, The Situation of Jersey Shore. While only 12% of men are cool with wearing eyeliner, 45% are into waxing and hair removal, while 60% use women's skincare products.


When it comes to fashion, 51% are OK with "man bags." Most surprising, perhaps, is that more men (16%) wear sarongs—which are skirts—than they do women's jeans (12%). But the most reassuring stat from the study is that 72% of millennial men believe that traditional gender behaviors for kids aren't important. Progress—it's on the horizon!

Millennial Guys Are Turning to Makeup [AdWeek]

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Why don't more guys carry purses? They're just practical. Toss all your shit in it and you're ready to fucking go. Keys, wallet, any papers you might need that day, phone, flask (if you're that kinda person), et cetera.