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Nathan Fillion Holding a Baby Browncoat

Illustration for article titled Nathan Fillion Holding a Baby Browncoat

Here's Mal Captain Hammer Nathan Fillion holding an itty bitty bun bun awwww. (Sorry, I'm forced to go full obnoxious baby voice in the face of such adorability.)


This has been a week of bunnies here at Jezebel! OK, well, no, it's been a week with two bunny posts, but hey — that's gotta be some sort of a record? And this one has a handsome man's hand* in it, too. We're working hard for you over here.


* I'm a hand model, mama. A finger jockey. We think differently than the face and body boys — we're a different breed.

[Nathan Fillion]

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Bunny in his hand