Nashville's Season 5 Trailer Is Full of Infidelity, Thievery, and Stalkers

The next season of Nashville will be premiering on CMT in January, it’s brand new home. The house warming has already begun with this fire trailer.

The previous teaser was all dramatic voice over and flashing lights, but the extended cut released Thursday reveals some of the real drama ahead. Juliette is in a wheelchair, perhaps forever. Maddie has a new boyfriend who looks like he might be dead before his episode is over. Rayna and Deacon are trying to make it work, but Rayna’s stalker keeps interrupting their concept album planning with envelopes full of rose petals. Maybe the stalker is trying to help—a concept album sounds like a terrible idea (but I bet it will ultimately play over the season’s closing credits). Meanwhile, Will tries to reject kisses from a sexy new man, but that man knows he wants it.

Will Juliette walk again, perhaps onto a stage? Will Maddie’s boyfriend get a name? Will Connie Britton be happy if they get renewed for Season 6? All I know is, we all end up back where we belong: watching Nashville.

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nashville’s trailer? it’s trailer?

the southern stereotypes which are becoming so common around jezebel are really starting to offend this north carolinian.